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Forget your troubles c’mon get organised!

Right that’s it! I am officially swamped. I’ve got ideas coming out of my ears for online projects, short stories even iPhone aps. I’ve got a to-do list that spans interior decorating, shopping for birthday presents, blogging, exercising, setting up meetings, preparing for meetings, finding work, on and on. I also need to eat, sleep and watch Strictly.

My online footprint looks like Big Foot tramped through on his way to meet a cousin up North which just adds to my stress and increasing feelings of helplessness and exasperation. I need an efficiency drive.

I can’t find anything quickly, which means I start things but can’t finish them. I get distracted trying to find the file, picture, song I need to progress. It’s affecting my ability to think - I’ve just abandoned a perfectly serviceable metaphor because I couldnt find the similie quickly enough to make it flow.

I’m surrounded by half eaten stories, unfinished wordpress sites, undone to-do lists and an empty fridge. I’m also due to leave the house in 15 minutes and I’m damned if I can find the notes from my last meeting with my next appointment.

Strategically I lack direction, operationally I lack focus and organisation - emotionally I am ricocheting between angry with myself, frustrated by the unstoppable flow of stuff and whiningly defeated.

I’ve had a go at putting in some efficiency measures and for the most part they’ve worked for a few days. I practice inbox zero, alphabetical filing of all emails and on and offline files,  though I have stopped short of reorganising my kitchen cupboards alphabetically and I am using online tools to aggregate and organise my reading.(Which I still never actually do, but at least it’s all in one place now huh?).

I’ve read the excellent Getting Things Done by David Allen (I confess I got distracted and haven’t actually finished it) and the bemusingly entitled Pomodoro Technique (I just haven’t found a timer I like enough to enslave myself to) and I’ve even downloaded to-do lists and efficiency tools onto my iPhone - all of which I use happily for a day and then forget about.

All this has led me to this incontravertable realisation…

Before you start to get organised - you have to:

  • Articulate the big hairy plan.
  • Commit to getting organised - defining a daily, hourly chant works for me.
  • Stop kidding yourself that little bursts of organised will get the job done.
  • Know how to get organised. (duh!)
  • Get help. Read a book, adopt a tried and tested efficiency process attend a workshop or find a coach. It just is harder than you think.
  • Just DO IT!

And remember this - if you do sign up for a workshop, the chances are you’ll be networking like crazy with some great local businesses.

What could you do with an extra hour or two a week?

Check out Think Productive for some advice and workshops - their productivity ninja Lee Cottier has inspired me to get this far.

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