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Job Search Tip #11 | Bypass the online agency

people queueIf you use a lot of online jobsites, you’ll know that most of the jobs are being pushed by agencies. Agencies are ok, I don’t like them much - but they can be really helpful especially if you are looking for temping roles.

In the main it’s best to stick to agencies with a specialism if you are looking for anything professional.

If you want to avoid the agency - try this.

Copy and paste a phrase from the jobsite ad straight into your preferred search engine. Most companies advertise their roles on their websites as well as through the jobsites and 9 times out of 10 you will find them using this simple trick.

Now you can bypass the agency screening and tailor your CV and covering letter.

A quick call to the company switchboard to find the name of the recruiting manager and you can send your application direct.

Remember they don’t pay the fee if they find the candidate they eventually recruit themselves - so you’ll get a lookin - for sure!

Good luck.

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G’is a job! 10 steps to shaking hands at interview

I had an interview yesterday. I was a little nervous but that’s normal. I checked the time and I located the office on a google map. So I was all set, except for the waiting to catch the bus into town. While I waited I thought I’d jot down my top tips for preparing for interview. Play to my strengths … Time was if I got the interview, I got the job. In the current climate - well we all need an edge, here’s how I plan to get mine. I hope it helps you get yours … Good luck.

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